Home Security

Looking for a cutting-edge home security system? You can trust ASN to install only the highest quality products from the industry’s leading manufacturers designed to keep your home and family safe.

“Home security is a growing necessity. From replacing phone lines and television cables to whole-house security and theatre-quality audio and video systems, ASN will meet your security needs for today, and the future.”

-Tom Bailey, ASN

Comfort. Control.

ASN’s residential service include sophisticated options guaranteed to give you comfort and control over your home security.

Home Systems Include:

  • Expandable/additional controls and sensors
  • Closed circuit TV
  • Future-ready wiring
  • Computerized reports
  • Radio or cellular back-ups
  • Key reset services
  • Keyless entry

Additional features include everything from motion detectors to closed-circuit television systems to enable you to independently monitor critical areas, such as entrances, home offices or swimming pools.


Whether you require basic security for your building, security or vaults for your financial institution, comprehensive fire systems, special access control or closed circuit televisions, ASN has a security solution GUARANTEED to protect your business, premises and employees.